Line them up

Radio Auto-asaad earns its name only if it’s (very) autonomous in what it does. But wait a minute! Radio stations have been boys on the block for over a century years now. Haven’t this problem solved already? As you expect, the answer is yes. In fact there are solutions out there, to which Radio Auto-asaad isn’t even qualified for side-by-side comparison. But do I afford them?

Eat your evil! Face your frog!

… or the other way around! Doesn’t really matter that much. What matters is to discover a good enough software architecture that we afford building and covers as much as the architectural requirements at the same time. In our case, the infrastructure limits plays a crucial role but unfortunately, this is not the best match with all the functionality we want to deliver.

According to Google Translate, the title of this post means ‘Language’ in Chinese. I actually wanted to choose a longer phrase as the title of this post but I tend to be very skeptical about machine translation and how the message can get lost in translation.

Hi! Why?

This blog is a cool guy’s way of documenting what’s behind the scene of Radio Auto-asaad. So if you don’t know what it is (or not interested about it) you have two choices: